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Patch Loader

14-bit Velocity


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To load a patch into the Patch Loader simply open its Popup BC Panel, click on the disk icon and then browse to the patch you wish to load. Loading time will vary depending on the size of modular patch being loaded.

The loaded modular patch retains it's own presets. Unlike other CLMs the modules in the Patch Loader patch don't respond to preset changes in the host patch. Where host preset response is required, two BC-Pipe connections allow control of 16 parameters by the host and MIDI program change messages from the Multi-Mo module can also be used to switch the presets in the loaded patch.

When building patches to share with other Scope users care should be taken with the storage location of Patch Loader patches. If the user doesn't have the patches stored in exactly the same location then they will fail to load. In this instance one solution would be to create a folder in your C: drive into which any patches to be loaded by the patch loader would be placed. This folder can then be distributed alongside the host patch with instructions for the user to place the folder in their C: drive.








Module Controls

Open Patch Window
Button to display the loaded patch