Idiot's Guide to using BC Modular with a Behringer B-Control Device - Part 2

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Idiot's Guide to using BC Modular with a Behringer B-Control Device - Part 2

14-bit Velocity

This part of the guide explains about the relationship between the BCR2000 Preset created in Part 1 and the BCM Modules and how to integrate them into your patches. See Part 3 for a similar guide to using the BCF2000 Preset.

BCR2000 Controls

Push Encoders

The Push Encoders are the top row of 8 knobs on the BCR2000 and these have the special property of operating as 4 encoder groups and having a secondary Push function. This means that in total, they can send 64 different CC messages (32x encoder and 32x button).


There are two rows of 8 buttons directly underneath the Push Encoders on the BCR2000. These send 16 more MIDI CC messages.

Standard Encoders

Finally there are 3 rows of 8 knobs on the BCR2000. Each of these 24 encoders sends another MIDI CC message.

Associated BCM Modules

The BCM-48 modules (BCM-48A and BCM-48B) handle the 32 encoder CC messages for the Push Encoders and the 16 button CC messages for the two rows of buttons, but the remaining 32 push button CC messages need to be handled by 2x BCM-16 modules (BCM-16A or BCM-16B). The BCM-24 modules (BCM-24A and BCM-24B) handle the 24 encoder CC messages for the Standard Encoders.

The BCR2000 Preset uses the default CC configuration from the BCM-48 and BCM-24 modules, but 2 new presets have been created for the BCM-16 modules to allow them to accept the CCs assigned in the BCR2000 Preset (this is because the defaults used by the BCM-16 modules are already in use for the two physical rows of buttons).

Creating a BC Modular Patch

It's really easy to create a Patch that supports all of the CC messages from the BCR2000 Preset created in Part 1. For simplicity we'll create one using the A versions of the BCM Modules, which feature individual Async connections.

Basic Patch

Either just wire up the patch as shown below, or if you're feeling lazy, load this one I prepared earlier:

This patch features bidirectional MIDI connections, so if your DAW is configured correctly to route the signal back to the BCR2000, or you're using a standard MIDI pipe, like MIDI-OX, changing the control on screen will also change it on the BCR2000.


Load Presets for BCM-16As

As mentioned above, the default CC mapping for the BCM-16A modules is configured to match up to the two rows of buttons on the BCR2000, so you'll need to load this file up to give you access to the two presets that map to the push functions of the 4 groups of 8 encoders. Follow the instructions below for each of the BCM-16A modules to use these presets.

Download Preset File

Open BCM-16A Panel

Click on the Open-Panel.png icon to open the Panel of the BCM-16A

Load Preset

Click on the Open-Preset.png icon on the BCM-16A's Panel to open the Module Preset window. From here, choose File -> Load ... and select the .pre file you just downloaded. You will be then be able to choose either the "Push Encoders 1-2" or "Push Encoders 3-4" from the "Layouts" Bank.

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