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14-bit Velocity


Circuit Level Modules (CLMs) allow you to work on multiple layers within your patch and provide the option to save each of these layers as separate modules for use in other patches.

Each CLM is essentially a full featured modular shell within a module. Where connections on a regular modular shell would normally go to and from the Scope routing window, the connections on a CLM instead go to and from the Modular patch (or even CLM) into which it is loaded.

A collection of CLMs are included in BC Modular which offer a variety of connection and control options.


Module Image


A good CLM to use where MIDI isn't required within the Circuit Level. This CLM uses almost zero resources.More Info



A general purpose CLM featuring all IO types.More Info



With MIDI connectivity and 8 sync IO's, this CLM is a versatile option for Circuit Level patches which require multiple audio rate connections to the host patch.More Info



This CLM features eight fully editable rotary controls on it's surface which have the same control editing functionality as BCM modules and are compatible with BCM encoder presets.More Info

Patch Loader

[[Patch Loader|Patch-Loader.png]]

Where other Circuit Level Modules have a fixed modular shell inside, the Patch Loader module instead loads complete pre-saved modular patches (.dev) as a circuit level. Loaded patches can also be switched out in response to preset changes.More Info